Friday, May 18, 2012

#Tory #Genocide :

#Cancer : #SkyNews Reporter Ellie Jeffery Has Lost Her Battle With Cancer Leaving Behind Her A Legacy That Will Live On - A Diary Of Her Own Battle With This Dreadful Disease.

Ellies final blog entry...

For the moment I’m wrapped in a safety blanket of routine and because this chemo is a fairly easy one I’m able to go about my life pretty normally, something I am very grateful for. The Gemcitabine and Carboplatin are administered intravenously at the same time and for the next few days I’ll sleep like a sloth but the sickness is kept under control by the drugs and the next two weeks are mine. I’m supposed to have a second dose of just Gemcitabine a week after the first infusion but both times my platelets have been too low so it has been missed.
The red mark on my chest is changing but the lump in my breast seems to be the same size so I am at a loss as to whether this stuff is working. Women who’ve had the treatment have told me that it is very effective and maybe it’s too early for me to call but the huge fear that it’s not working tugs at my safety blanket daily.

The wedding is drawing closer, now less than eight weeks away! I always felt I would make this date, despite what my previous doctors told me, but I can’t escape the fear of ‘what ifs.’ The diagnosis of brain mets and the two stays in hospital early in the year really rammed home how fragile my situation is. There aren’t many options left when it comes to chemo and I need to be in good shape if a trial were to come up again.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel real; how could all of this have happened to me? How did I come to be in such an unlucky situation? I don’t feel bitterness towards others, for what they have, but I can’t help but look around in restaurants and on the Tube and see healthy people with their whole lives ahead of them. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want anyone else’s life but I do envy their health.

On our way back from a house viewing the other day I had to tell Tom that something had been nagging at me whilst we noseyed around other people’s homes. I was scared that we would find a new place, move in and then if I died he would be stuck in a three-bedroom house on his own. He reminded me, and I know he’s right, that we can’t live our lives like that. If we’d believed the stats we wouldn’t be having a wedding in two months time; if you let the cancer take over completely then you’re letting it win before you die.

I never contemplated death before my cancer diagnosis. I don’t think anyone truly expects to die. It’s a universal truth that we’ll all pop our clogs but it’s in the future so there’s no need to think about it and we’re all so busy living our lives there’s no time for it anyway. But when you’re told you have months not years, when lumps and bumps of cancer are popping up all over your body, when the extent of your ambitions is to get out of the flat to meet a friend for lunch, you can’t help but ponder what a world without you in it would be like.

I’m not sure anyone is ready to die, certainly not in their twenties. Even my 89-year-old neighbour who lives alone and has no family says, “I’m not ready to go yet!” I’m torn between hoping for what many medical professionals will tell you is the impossible and accepting that I might not see my 30th birthday......R.I.P. Ellie

Saturday, May 12, 2012

#Boston : #Alzheimer's Research Fraud Case Set For Trial.

BOSTON (Reuters) - Two Harvard teaching hospitals and a prominent Alzheimer's disease researcher accused of using falsified data to obtain a government research grant are set to stand trial after a federal appeals court said this week that a lower court erred when it dismissed the case.

The lawsuit accuses Marilyn Albert, a former professor of psychiatry at
Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where she was conducting research, of submitting a grant application based on manipulated more,0,2693773.story

#Crohns And The NHS.

John Ingamells blogs about his battle with Crohns and his deep concern for the now compromised NHS. John explains....

A slight tangent today, this blog has been attempt to look at the implications of getting crohns, living a life with the illness, and the realities of living that life.

Today, it struck me that, though i have mentioned the dedication of the doctors, nurses and staff who have and are caring for me and my welfare, i have been remiss in identifying the role they play and the NHS in their care for people like me.

This is against a backdrop where the NHS as we know it is seriously being compromised. This will have significant implications for patients with chronic illness and their wellbeing.

Firstly, the NHS is not perfect, mistakes are made and on occasions some people do not get the care the NHS is noted more

#Virgin Care Take Over The NHS.

by Dr √Čoin Clarke (PhD)

Virgin Care's 5 main strategies for taking control of our NHS

1. Infiltration. Andrew Lansley has placed the NHS Future Forum in charge of redesigning the NHS Constitution. You may remember that Gordon Brown's government passed an NHS Constitution Act as a 60th birthday present to the NHS to guarantee its survival and ensure a basic right to a good standard of care for every citizen. Lansley wants to change the Constitution and he has contracted the NHS Future Forum to do it. It may concern you to know that Virgin Care's Commercial Director is on that forum & will now have a responsibility for re-designing our NHS Constitution (see here).... article in full at Dr.Clarke's blog.